We are a Full-Service
Technology Holding Company.

Positive is a mother company to six subsidiaries currently and expanding, serving thousands to millions of customers and users in the Tech Ecosystem.

Concert by Positive

Concert by Positive aids the connection between place and music as increasing number of music fans use location to connect to music.
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HostPlus is an excellent web hosting service with a range of premium affordable hosting plans for bloggers, big and small businesses.

Learn by Positive

Learn Profitable skills and information that can earn a living. Learn by Positive delivers content/courses, certificate, flexible time and installment payments among others.
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Positive Jobs

Positive Jobs helps you source for jobs and career opportunities from local and foreign companies.

Raja by Positive

We help accelerate your sales cycle, brand visibility and also help you create relationships where clients love to buy from you!
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With 10+ years experience building solutions in today’s silo-rich process and management-driven companies, we design and build cutting edge software for our Clients.

Tech101 by Positive

Tech101 by Positive is an Annual Tech Conference, Our goal is to create meaningful environment and information for persons willing to start their tech career, switch careers in or to tech with special focus on women in tech
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if you can think it, we can build it